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Our friendly, fully qualified staff all have mechanical experience reaching into the decades and are literate, articulate individuals. They will engage with you regarding all your requirements and we ensure that the person you discuss your car with is directly involved in your car service.

Pink Slips Inspections

All vehicles more than three years old require a safety inspection as a condition of registration ...

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

This is a fully comprehensive inspection report that includes a complete check of the vehicle.

Log Book Servicing

We provide Log Book Servicing, so that you have the benefit of competitive rates while preserving your new ...

Any Questions

Call us or email us below if you’d like to make a booking or talk about ...


Sydney City Auto Care provides Log Book Servicing, so that you have the benefit of competitive rates while preserving your new car’s original manufacturer warranty. We have access to the latest safety and diagnostic information for every make and model, which means every log book service is specific to that cars manufacturers standards.

Engine Components

Timing belts are a critical component in the correct operation of any engine they are fitted too and require replacement at the specified intervals.

Power Steering

We have the equipment and training to ensure your steering and suspension is inspected and maintained correctly.

Oil Change

You will receive an oil and filter change using OEM replacement parts and specified lubricants.

Car Servicing

Services range from routine car service and maintenance, to more in-depth repairs on all makes and models.

Tyre Balancing

The very latest in computer wheel balancing and 3D wheel alignment technology, we ensure accuracy.

Mechanical Repairs

Repairs and diagnosis to all vehicles and equipment, report and quote on the necessary repairs.